Pyramid of the Moon, Teotihuacan by Liesl Pfeffer

Pyramid of the Moon, Teotihuacan
January 2016

Constructed between 200 and 450 AD, the Pyramid of the Moon is old, but also not that old, which is kind of what blows my mind about Teotihuacan. (For comparison, the Egyptian pyramids are about 2,000 years older). 

Did you know there have been humans on earth for about two hundred thousand years? 

The Long Path, New Jersey by Liesl Pfeffer

The Long Path, New Jersey
March 2016

If you catch the train to the 175th Street subway station in New York, and walk about 10 minutes to the George Washington Bridge, and then about 30 minutes over the bridge (beware it's very loud and windy!), you can walk straight onto the Long Path. The Long Path is 357 miles of walking trail between Fort Lee, New Jersey and Altamont, New York.

One late winter day when the weather was sunny (but still cold) Adam and I walked along the trail and covered a few miles along the top of the cliffs to Allison Park, enjoying the views of the Hudson River and the George Washington Bridge.  

Dusk, Bryce Canyon, Utah by Liesl Pfeffer

Dusk, Bryce Canyon National Park, Utah
November 2015

As the sun set on the last night of our road trip we were treated to a beautiful cloudy sky with gradients of yellow, peach, pink and blue. I reminded myself, as I often do when I am away from home, that I should find a way to hold onto this light feeling in my heart that I seem to only find when I am traveling.

Sunset Point, Bryce Canyon, Utah by Liesl Pfeffer

Sunset Point, Bryce Canyon, Utah
November 2015

No words really for how it felt to look upon this view. I was so glad to be there with good friends on the second last day of our road trip. I was thinking of how soon I would have to go back to the big dirty wonderful city of New York, and I was just trying to soak up as much fresh air and pine tree smells as possible. 

Sunrise Point, Bryce Canyon, Utah by Liesl Pfeffer

Sunrise Point, Bryce Canyon, Utah
November 2015

As you drive around the south-western United States you start to wonder how many beautiful national parks can be clustered within hours of each other. The amazing Bryce Canyon was only half a day from Antelope Canyon in Arizona, which was also only half a day from the Grand Canyon.  I haven't seen a natural landscape this magical since Cappadocia in central Turkey a decade ago. In Turkey they call these spire shaped formations fairy chimneys. Here in the US they call them hoodoos. I think we were lucky to see these hoodoos with a light covering of snow, it made the view even more serene and breathtaking. 

Horseshoe Bend, Arizona by Liesl Pfeffer

Horseshoe Bend, Arizona
November 2015

No, this doesn't look like the promotional pictures of Horseshoe Bend. To get a photo like that, one has to stand riiiiiiiiight on the edge of the cliff, just above a completely unprotected drop all the way to the bottom of the canyon. So, no, I don't have any pictures of that view. I was terrified just watching Dan get as close as he did in that first photo. 


Antelope Canyon, Arizona by Liesl Pfeffer

Lower and Upper Canyons
Antelope Canyon, Arizona
November 2015

Since it is pretty dark down there, I wasn't sure if I would be able to take a correct exposure. I didn't take very many film photos, focusing instead on enjoying the view and taking iPhone photographs to have something to look back on later. So, I was pleased when I had the film printed that the handful of pictures I took on my camera turned out ok! (I used my F1.4 50mm prime lens, 200 speed film and 1/30 second exposure time).  

The first three photos here are from the Lower Canyon, which is much narrower and is accessed by climbing down fairly scary (for me, with my fear of heights) stairs/ladders. The next two photos, where you can see the canyon is much wider, that is the Upper Canyon, which can be accessed at ground level. Both canyons were very beautiful, though the Upper Canyon was busier with tour groups, probably because it is more accessible.

Lake Powell, Arizona by Liesl Pfeffer

Lake Powell, Arizona
November 2015
Pictured here are Dan, Joy, and I
All photos by me, except the picture of me, which Joy took with my camera

Because it was late fall, sun was setting early, around 5pm every day. So every day we tried to reach our destination before the sun fell. We got to Lake Powell just in time and quickly drove up above the lake to this viewpoint. We strolled around with a handful of other people, and saw the color of the landscape dramatically and quickly shift. We took each others' portraits, enjoying the fading of the light.