Antelope Canyon, Arizona / by Liesl Pfeffer

Lower and Upper Canyons
Antelope Canyon, Arizona
November 2015

Since it is pretty dark down there, I wasn't sure if I would be able to take a correct exposure. I didn't take very many film photos, focusing instead on enjoying the view and taking iPhone photographs to have something to look back on later. So, I was pleased when I had the film printed that the handful of pictures I took on my camera turned out ok! (I used my F1.4 50mm prime lens, 200 speed film and 1/30 second exposure time).  

The first three photos here are from the Lower Canyon, which is much narrower and is accessed by climbing down fairly scary (for me, with my fear of heights) stairs/ladders. The next two photos, where you can see the canyon is much wider, that is the Upper Canyon, which can be accessed at ground level. Both canyons were very beautiful, though the Upper Canyon was busier with tour groups, probably because it is more accessible.