Cedar Creek Falls by Liesl Pfeffer


Cedar Creek Falls
Tambourine Mountain, Queensland
December 2017

Mum drove Nico and I out to Tambourine so she could have lunch with a friend there. We walked down to the falls on Cedar Creek and had an ice cold swim. It was so crowded that there was nowhere for me to discretely change into my swimsuit, so I swam in my tee shirt and undies like a kid. 

Border Ranges by Liesl Pfeffer


Border Ranges National Park, New South Wales
December 2017

On the second last night of the year, Nico and I camped at Sheepstation Creek in the Border Ranges. There was some kind of plague of grasshoppers chirruping loudly at the camp site, in a synchronised racket that crescendoed every fifteen seconds into an earsplitting note. I had to wear ear plugs the whole time. 

Picnic at Johanna by Liesl Pfeffer


Johanna Beach, Victoria
November 2017

A few days after I finished my honours degree, Khaleda, Nico and I set off for a weekend of camping by the beach four hours west of Melbourne. I spent most of the weekend lying in the tent reading, watching native birds, talking and being quiet. This is my favourite beach in the whole world. 

Rosebud by Liesl Pfeffer

000007 copy.jpg

Rosebud, Victoria
September 2017

Mark drove Nico and I to Rosebud on one of the first properly warm spring days. He wanted to kitesurf but there wasn't enough wind. We walked in the shallows, not hot enough to swim, then lay on beach towels and read books and listened to music. Afterwards we went to the pub for cokes and hot lunches.  

Front yards by Liesl Pfeffer


Inner North, Melbourne
September 2017

Joy gave me some expired slide film after sorting through some old boxes at her parents' house. I decided to cross process the film, and yes, a lot of the roll is way too green and high contrast, but some of them turned out okay. These are from a photo walk with Nico around Carlton North and Brunswick.