Wassaic by Liesl Pfeffer

Wassaic, New York
July 2016

Photographs from a good day last summer. First, swimming in a secret swimming hole at the end of a dirt road, then talking and laughing on the front porch with my dear friend Giada while a rainstorm poured down around us. 

Some florals by Liesl Pfeffer

Wassaic NY and Sunset Park NY
August and September 2014

The couch where I sat to eat breakfast and drink an end of work day beer during my month in Wassaic / Some flowers in the shade of tall trees on a summer's day in Brooklyn

Kilns by Liesl Pfeffer

Kilns, Wassaic, NY
August 2014

Obscenely green nature at these amazing old kilns off an unpaved road in Wassaic. Adam and I stopped for a look around on the way for a swim in the creek. Another resident said there was a dead skunk surrounded by vultures up there when she went the day earlier, but we didn't see any sign of that crazy scene.