Cabazon Dinosaurs, California / by Liesl Pfeffer

Cabazon Dinosaurs, Cabazon, CA
November 2015

We pulled off Interstate 10 to visit Cabazon Dinosaurs on our way from Los Angeles to Palm Springs. Cabazon Dinosaurs is an unusual theme park / attraction featuring some truly enormous sculpture dinosaurs, seemingly in the middle of nowhere (as the mountains in all directions in these photos will attest). This is one of those places that makes me wonder at, and be grateful for, the strange things that human beings decide to do. According to Wikipedia, sculptor and portrait artist Claude K. Bell built the first sculptures to attract customers to his Wheel Inn Restaurant, which opened in 1958. The first dinosaur, named Dinny, was made out of spare material salvaged from the construction of Interstate 10 at a cost of $300,000. Um, wow.