Rosebud by Liesl Pfeffer

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Rosebud, Victoria
September 2017

Mark drove Nico and I to Rosebud on one of the first properly warm spring days. He wanted to kitesurf but there wasn't enough wind. We walked in the shallows, not hot enough to swim, then lay on beach towels and read books and listened to music. Afterwards we went to the pub for cokes and hot lunches.  

Front yards by Liesl Pfeffer


Inner North, Melbourne
September 2017

Joy gave me some expired slide film after sorting through some old boxes at her parents' house. I decided to cross process the film, and yes, a lot of the roll is way too green and high contrast, but some of them turned out okay. These are from a photo walk with Nico around Carlton North and Brunswick. 

The Bogey Hole by Liesl Pfeffer

The Bogey Hole, Newcastle, NSW
January 2017

The Bogey Hole is a heritage-listed sea bath in Newcastle, considered to be the oldest surviving European construction in the city area. Swimming in the Bogey Hole in the late afternoon of a crushingly hot Australian summer day was incredibly magical. 

Weird Twelve Mile Creek by Liesl Pfeffer

Twelve Mile Creek, NSW
January 2017

One of the weirder campground's I've stayed at—the park at Twelve Mile Creek had a teddy bear walking track featuring hundreds of toys nailed to the trees. I couldn't tell if it was a visionary outsider artist project or genuine attempt at a tourist attraction aimed at kids.  

Double exposures by Liesl Pfeffer


I found a roll of film in a camera that had been in storage for five or six years, and I figured instead of just getting it processed I'd shoot over the top of it first, since I had no idea if there would be anything recorded on the roll. Turns out I had taken that film on holiday to the great ocean road in 2011. Shot over the top with holiday photos from a road trip in northern NSW in 2017.