Store fronts

Berlin by Liesl Pfeffer


Kreuzberg, Berlin
October 2018

A local corner bar (called a Kneipe in German) not far from where we live in Kreuzberg. Taken on a cool day back in Autumn, back when I was welcoming a change of season after Australian summer followed by south east Asian and European summer. Now it’s two days from the beginning of Summer and I can hardly wait.

Arcade, Nashville by Liesl Pfeffer

Arcade, Nashville, Tennessee
June 2016

A two-story arcade in downtown Nashville modeled after an arcade in Italy. I went here because I read about the art spaces on the upper level, but unfortunately they were all closed when I went by. 

The Walgreens adjacent to this arcade was one of the locations of the Nashville lunch counter sit-ins in 1960 - a nonviolent student protest against racial desegregation. 

Dino's Bar, Nashville by Liesl Pfeffer


Dino's, Nashville
June 2016

I dearly love dive bars like Dino's. I think they're in my top 10 things I love about living in America. I love the dimness, the cheap beer and shot specials, the bags of chips, the old decor, the seediness of having a beer in the afternoon, the regulars sitting at the bar, the bartenders' tattoos, the jukeboxes, the dartboards and pool tables, the everything. 

City Island, Bronx by Liesl Pfeffer

City Island, Bronx, NY
November 2015

Afraid that soon it would be too cold for day tripping, in early November we went on a little adventure up to City Island in the Bronx. It's been on my list of things to do in New York for oh... four years. City Island is a small island (one mile wide and one and a half miles long) with a ship building past and a sleepy old town feeling (you really don't feel like you're in NYC anymore. But you are!) It takes about an hour and a half to get there from Brooklyn (two trains and a bus) so I guess that why it took us a while to get around to visiting. 

On our walk down the main street of the island, we found two church thrift stores. I bought an amazing boat themed sweater for $2 and Adam bought a new-looking pair of Doc Martens for $5. We trawled through a couple of nautical-junk filled antique stores (Nicolas bought small glasses for 50c apiece) and then ended up at the main attraction, Johnny's on the water, at the southern end of the island. We went for the seafood but we stayed for the pina coladas. This place is a feast for the eyes as well as the tummy, with old school signage, baskets of fried seafood and a seagull-filled patio area, and cafeteria tables where leather clad bikers sit alongside old ladies drinking daiquiris. It is as excellent as it sounds.