New Orleans

Steamboat Natchez by Liesl Pfeffer

Steamboat Natchez
New Orleans, Louisiana
July 2016

The Natchez is a paddlesteam boat on the Mississippi River. It's a little corny, but the view is pretty interesting and the old nautical decor onboard is not without charm. The first picture is not the Natchez, but is a similar looking boat also offering tours on the Mississippi. The last photo shows some damage caused by Hurricane Katrina. 


The Port of Call by Liesl Pfeffer

The Port of Call
New Orleans, LA
February 2013

Back in February, we spent an afternoon sitting at the counter of this tiki themed dive bar. The Port of Call in New Orleans has an aquarium, a bamboo ceiling and walls and a cocktail list full of coconut, papaya and rum, rum, rum. At home in New York it was probably about 10 degrees F in the daytime, which added to the appeal of our lazy afternoon drinking cocktails and sharing a roast potato filled with a volcano of cheese, butter and bacon. 

Records by Liesl Pfeffer

Record store
New Orleans, LA
February 2013

Sometimes my connection with New York City feels barely tangible. I can walk here for hours and not expect anyone to know me. The staff at the local bodega that I visit nearly every day do not recognize me. Why should they, when I am one of millions. 

When I moved to America, I purchased a record player. It was a strange decision, since I had not ever owned a record before. But I suppose when I think about it, I moved to this country with two suitcases of clothes and a few small objects to remind me of home. Nothing permanent, nothing that couldn’t be moved in one taxi ride. So it made sense to start amassing records. On their own they are slender and lightweight, but when you lift a stack they are surprisingly heavy. Maybe nothing anchors you more than records and books, and maybe that is why each time I return to my apartment with a new record I feel like I am building my home.