Artist Statement

I construct representations of the observable world through photography and collage, turning the everyday into the surreal and dreamlike.

In an ongoing project of photographing the built and natural environment of my daily life, I have amassed a continually expanding photographic archive which I use as both the physical material and subject matter for my collages. In the series Dwellings (2015), with careful attention to detail, I have recreated real houses in locations I have visited. Exploiting the balance between nature and man-made forms, the houses are made of cloud, snow, branches, mountains and horizons.

There is an attraction and repulsion between the photographic elements that creates uncanny tension in the surface of my work. At first glance the subject matter appears ordinary, but the familiar becomes surprising when the seams of the collaged pieces resolve into view.

I aim to create work that is playful and enchanting, inviting sustained engagement and meditation on the world we inhabit and the ways that people live.

Liesl Pfeffer