Moon Jelly fish by Liesl Pfeffer

Moon jellyfish
Bribie Island, Australia
November 2016

The moon jellyfish swims with limited motion, drifting with the current to find food. Consequently (and sadly), they easily become trapped in the current of the waves and become beached, where they die. 

Wassaic by Liesl Pfeffer

Wassaic, New York
July 2016

Photographs from a good day last summer. First, swimming in a secret swimming hole at the end of a dirt road, then talking and laughing on the front porch with my dear friend Giada while a rainstorm poured down around us. 

Greenpoint yards by Liesl Pfeffer

Greenpoint, Brooklyn
July 2016

Eight or nine months have gone by since I took these pictures. I remember it was a hot day and I was sad and anxious—sad from the recent ending of a long term relationship and anxious about my rapidly approaching departure from New York. I went for a walk around my neighbourhood with my camera, to look at things outside myself. It seems appropriate that I ended up making a portrait of these sad plants and sad yards.

Vermont Studio Center by Liesl Pfeffer


Vermont Studio Center
Johnson, VT
August 2016

I spent August in Johnston, Vermont at the Vermont Studio Center artist residency. While I was there I had my own private darkroom in the basement of Wolf Khan barn. I shot these black and white 35mm photographs on my Canon AE-1 Program and hand processed the film in my darkroom. It was rather wonderful.   

Steamboat Natchez by Liesl Pfeffer

Steamboat Natchez
New Orleans, Louisiana
July 2016

The Natchez is a paddlesteam boat on the Mississippi River. It's a little corny, but the view is pretty interesting and the old nautical decor onboard is not without charm. The first picture is not the Natchez, but is a similar looking boat also offering tours on the Mississippi. The last photo shows some damage caused by Hurricane Katrina. 


Arcade, Nashville by Liesl Pfeffer

Arcade, Nashville, Tennessee
June 2016

A two-story arcade in downtown Nashville modeled after an arcade in Italy. I went here because I read about the art spaces on the upper level, but unfortunately they were all closed when I went by. 

The Walgreens adjacent to this arcade was one of the locations of the Nashville lunch counter sit-ins in 1960 - a nonviolent student protest against racial desegregation. 

Dino's Bar, Nashville by Liesl Pfeffer


Dino's, Nashville
June 2016

I dearly love dive bars like Dino's. I think they're in my top 10 things I love about living in America. I love the dimness, the cheap beer and shot specials, the bags of chips, the old decor, the seediness of having a beer in the afternoon, the regulars sitting at the bar, the bartenders' tattoos, the jukeboxes, the dartboards and pool tables, the everything.