Daintree by Liesl Pfeffer

Daintree National Park
Queensland, Australia
November 2016

Twelve hundred square kilometres of rainforest in far north Queensland. I spent a few days in and around Cape Tribulation, walking the boardwalks over mangroves and driving slowly hoping to spot the blue neck of a cassowary in the trees. 

Moon Jelly fish by Liesl Pfeffer

Moon jellyfish
Bribie Island, Australia
November 2016

The moon jellyfish swims with limited motion, drifting with the current to find food. Consequently (and sadly), they easily become trapped in the current of the waves and become beached, where they die. 

Wassaic by Liesl Pfeffer

Wassaic, New York
July 2016

Photographs from a good day last summer. First, swimming in a secret swimming hole at the end of a dirt road, then talking and laughing on the front porch with my dear friend Giada while a rainstorm poured down around us.